My Journey as a Woman in the Construction Business

Hey flippin’ fam! 👋✨ Today, on International Women’s Day, I want to take a moment to reflect on my incredible journey as a Latina woman in the construction business. 💪💖 While achieving my dream in a male-dominated industry has brought its share of challenges, it’s also been a path of continuous learning, growth, and immense satisfaction.

From Dream to Reality:

My love for construction has always burned bright, and with Juan by my side, we decided to take the leap and start Flippin’ Rustic Decor 8 years ago (Holly $h!t i can’t believe it’s been that long). It was like jumping into the deep end, learning everything on the fly – from designing and building furniture to figuring out sales, marketing, and keeping the books straight. If you are interested to know how we started, you can readd more in this blog post: Embarking On The Explorer Court

Painting a white cabinet when we started working from our garage

While we’ve grown with an incredible team, I continue to wear many hats: from being the designer, and project manager, to making the financial decisions,  Even with a fantastic team, I handle diverse responsibilities, from estimating and crafting proposals to overseeing employee onboarding, managing customer service, sales and marketing efforts, and most importantly ensuring our vision thrives.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Being a Latina woman in construction presents unique hurdles. One of the most significant is overcoming the underestimation of my abilities due to my gender, ethnicity and even age sometimes (I’m 34 btw). In a world where communication is crucial, I strive to break down stereotypes and demonstrate the authority and expertise I hold. Every interaction, be it with tradespeople, clients, or suppliers, becomes an opportunity to challenge preconceptions and showcase the strength and skill that transcends gender and cultural norms.

A Cabinet Shop's Team

Embracing the “Beautiful Chaos”:

And then there’s the most beautiful chaos of all—balancing the roles of a mother and a wife. It’s a dance between deadlines and bedtime stories, power tools and pediatrician’s appointments. There are days when the lines blur, and the balance seems elusive. Yet, it’s precisely in this delicate dance that I’ve found my strength. Being a mother and wife in the construction world means embracing the messy, finding beauty in chaos, and celebrating victories, big and small. It’s about showing my kid that dreams are worth chasing, even if they involve a little sawdust and a lot of determination.

Entrepreneur Duo Holding a Baby

Together We Rise:

Through industry skepticism, parenting challenges, and countless triumphs, Juan has been my rock and the driving force behind our success. This journey is not just mine; it’s ours.

Woman and Man Duo Holding a Wooden Sign While Giving a High Five

To all the women out there navigating unconventional paths, remember this: Your dreams are valid, your journey is unique, and your strength is unparalleled. 💪💖 Let’s continue breaking barriers and inspiring others to follow their passions, no matter the industry or the odds.

Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s to the amazing women who persist, resist, and make a difference every day. 🌟🚺✨

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See you on the flip side.

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