Embarking on the Explorer Court


Hi everyone welcome to my flippin’ amazing blog and thank you for stopping by in my first official blog post.

I am so thrilled to begin this journey with you and share my ideas, inspirations, DIY tutorials and exciting stories of Flippin’ Rustic. In this first post I thought I would write a little bit more about us and how Flippin’ Rustic started.

My name is Veronica,  I am originally from Venezuela, moved to the US with my family when I was 13 years old and grew up in the area of Clearwater, Florida. At 22  years old I married a wonderful man who every day inspires me and supports me and most importantly holds my hand during this adventure at the Explorer court. We also have a furry kid named Mowglie, he is a 3 year old retriever-pitbull mix who we took home when he was abandoned with his brother’s and sisters at a friend’s door when they were born.

I’m an animal lover, intrigued by the planet and passionate for crafts and design. I went to school to become an architect but ended up obtaining my degree in Sustainability management instead, after falling in love with the subject.

A year after I graduated Juan and I bought our first home, the house on the Explorer Ct and began the exciting adventure of decorating it.

Searching through Pinterest and watching HGTV shows gave us so many ideas of things to do to the house! One day we decided to hire someone to redo our kitchen (worse experience ever!),with someone who we thought was the best choice but after many weeks of frustration and washing dishes in the backyard, we started asking questions which were never answered until we finally realized we got ripped off. Without thinking twice or realizing what we were getting ourselves into, we decided to venture into the world of power tools, saws and sewing machines.

With my visions and Juan’s execution we thought for sure we could hammer it all out. After hundreds of trips to the hardware store for more tools, more wood, more nails….“Wait those aren’t the right size screws, that’s a cement bit!” uggh! we did it and we were so proud of ourselves, of course it had some flaws but we did it all on our own (we did get help from our family) and we customized everything to our taste so we didn’t care.

Within several weeks, Juan was building a closet for our master bedroom, barn doors, furniture and more all right out of our garage. Soon enough after our friends and family talked us into it we decided to open up our online shop. We thought that there might be others out there looking for unique rustic pieces that they can’t find. So we figured we’d share ours.

Juan and I have found that opening this shop and creating this beautiful décor together has enlightened an entirely new level of our relationship. We get to spend more time together conversing about things like wood stains, dining table sizes, weeding, and how to ship things.

Starting Flippin’ Rustic was not easy, as a matter of fact it is still not easy but we love every single minute of it. We love doing this so much that we feel it shows in each piece we produce. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and creativity of our work and hold each item to the utmost standard.

Each piece becomes a work of art and it is so hard to let them go! We get so excited when we do in-home consultations and we truly enjoy working with each customer to find exactly what they are looking for. I like to think our style is modern rustic, where rustic aged elements influence and give the homey look yet it still has a modern feel to it with its crisp clean lines.

Today we are still working at the Explorer Court, there is no more room for our own decorations because Flippin’ Rustic has taken over our garage, backyard and even the living room. We have one full time employee and some friends and relatives who help us once in awhile do deliveries or installations.

I am happy to say that Flippin’ Rustic like many other successful businesses started in a garage- the garage at the Explorer Ct. Soon we will be ready to depart, hope you stay in touch to see where the future will take us!

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