Shopping Information

Do You Have a Store?

We have a workshop located in Tampa, where you can always stop by booking an appointment. 

How Do I Get a Quote?

You can set up an in-home consultation for $100 where we can get a feel of the space, measure and discuss your vision. We will provide you a quote with a draft and/or mood board depending on the type of project. Each draft include one modification, fees apply for additional modifications. If you decide to move forward with the order we will credit $50 to your order.

You can also email us a picture of the space with measurements, a description of your vision and some inspirational pictures of what you have in mind ex. color swatches, design, style and we will provide you a free quote.

Do You Offer In-House Estimates?

Yes, we offer in-home consultations where we can get a feel of the space, measure and discuss your style. This service cost $100 and if you decide to move forward, $50 will then be credited to the cost of the entire order.

How Do I Place a Custom Order?

We will send you an invoice with all the details of your order. Once you review it and approve we require a 50% non-refundable deposit which you can pay either by credit card, check, or cash in person, by mail or online (there is a fee for credit card transactions). The remaining balance is due upon completion. Balance must be paid with credit card or cash. Once deposit has been recevied we will secure your spot and put you on our job list.

Do You Deliver?

Yes, we do deliver for a small fee depending on your location.

Do You Offer Design Services?

Flippin’ Rustic Decor is available as a consultant or furniture designer on custom pieces at a rate of $50 per hour. Drafting and design services are also charged at the same rate. You will receive a draft with one modification as part of your in-home consultation. Any extra modifications are charged additionally. 

Payment Information

Can I Pay Online?

Yes we can send you an invoice online and you may pay with a credit card. There is a 3.5% fee. We also accept Zelle- no fee

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes. There is a 3.5% fee.

Do You Accept Checks for Final Payment?

No. Checks are only acceptable as deposit payments.

Orders and Returns

What is Your Refund Policy?

Due to the custom nature of our work all sales are final.

Wood is living and will continue to expand and contract, which may cause bows, warps and/or cracks in certain areas. Although every care is taken to ensure our products can handle temperature and humidity changes, the conditions of your home can affect the wooden products you buy from us. If any of these instances do occur, we will not offer exchanges or refunds.

Is the Deposit Refundable?

No. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for custom jobs.This deposit is used to buy supplies and furnish labor for your final custom piece.

What is Your Current Turnaround Time?

Our current turnaround time for custom projects is about 6-8 weeks. Please keep in mind this is just an estimate time. Weather can delay our progress but we will try to keep you posted through the entire process.

Can I Cancel my Order?

If you paid for an in-stock item, you may cancel your order within 24 hours, just contact us by email or phone and we will refund your money back.

If you placed a custom order, you may contact us through email or phone within 24 hours to see if your order can be refunded. We use deposits to buy the supplies and materials needed for your order, if this has been the case the order cannot be cancelled and you will not be refunded.

Product Information

How Do I Care for Your Furniture?

All pieces produced by Flippin’ Rustic Décor do not require waxing, oiling, or any specific maintenance. When needed, the furniture should be dusted with a soft cloth that has a small amount of furniture soap or a light dusting type of material. The use of a furniture polish or oil will cause an irregular film over the surface.

How Can I Choose a Finish?

Our stain samples are available online or you can also request one through our social media platforms and email, however due to monitor differences and variations caused by nature, over which the company has no control, Flippin’ Rustic Décor does not guarantee an exact match to the sample provided. Samples of grain pattern and color are matched to the best of our ability but we highly recommend for you to stop by our shop before the staining process so you can pick out a stain of your choice and look at it in person

What Kind of Wood Do You Use?

It depends on the project. For wood walls we use either shiplap or reclaimed wood. For custom furniture we usually use either maple or birch unless you specify otherwise. Some custom decor is built in whitewood and others are built with reclaimed wood.

Wood Disclaimer

Real wood is a product of nature, and as such, no two pieces are alike. Variations in solid wood grain patterns are to be expected and make each furniture uniquely beautiful, just like us humans. Wood is living and will continue to change in different environments. Sometimes these changes may be noticeable in the physical appearance of the product. Although every care is taken to ensure our products can handle temperature and humidity changes, the conditions of your home can affect the wooden products you buy from us