Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Fan Makeover

modern farmhouse fan makeover

Now that you’ve spent a lot of time at home, you probably realized you need to change a few rooms around and update a few things, but there is probably that one eye sore that you are just dying now to get rid off. My eye sore for the longest time in the house was our master room fan, we decided instead of getting rid of it, we were going to try a modern farmhouse fan makeover and if it didn’t work well it was going to end up in the trash can anyway.

Here is how it looked before, pretty ugly and outdated huh?

outdated fan

Here is how I did it (I forgot to take pictures as I was working on them but you can watch video below)



    1. Disassemble the fan: Make sure you  don’t lose any screws or little pieces.
    2. Wipe down: Dust off every blade and big piece and wipe own with a damp rag. 
    3. Spray paint:  I used Rustoleum’s Flat Metallic Soft Iron.

black spray paint

4. Let dry and assemble: After everything is dry, put all the blades and hardware back. 

5. Add edison light bulbs: I bought THESE

Edison light bulbs6. Go an extra mile and add cage bulb guards 

cage bulb guards shades


I’m pretty happy about the way turned out (ignore the popcorn ceilings, that’s another eye sore lol). Love this updated modern farmhouse look!

modern farmhouse industrial fan

Thank you for reading and watching!… Post your comments below and share your DIY.

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