Thankful-Story of the Homeless

Sometimes in a world full of gadgets, fast food, and a rapidly changing society, we forget about the little things and how grateful we should be for what we have. This week is all about gratitude, so I would like to tell you a story that reminds me everyday why it is so important to be humble and value everything we have.


Many people don’t know this but Flippin Rustic started with the help of two wonderful men who were homeless. They would come a couple days a week and help us with new orders while we would give them their three meals, a shower plus money weekly.


Juan would pick them up every morning, but most of the time they were so humble or too embarrassed that they would not accept most of what we offer them, which were basic simple things we usually take for granted, like a hot shower, clothes, or warm food.


Every day I would hear their stories and I would think to myself how can they live like that? Am I really complaining about not having enough money to buy a new rug or a pair of shoes? These guys were just happy to have someone to talk to and here we are worrying about insignificant things.


I was learning a new different way to see the world. Every morning you could see in their faces they were excited to be here and they were eager to learn what we were building. Finally, they were doing something different other than sitting and walking around the streets. Even though they were so tired for being up most of the night, because they either got robbed or the cops were doing their walks in the area they usually sleep, they always showed up at the spot where they used to get picked up.


We were not able to help both of them, but we were able to help at least one of them. He now has a place to stay, food to eat and he is still part of Flippin’ Rustic’s team. He is one of the most loyal, hard working persons I have ever met and most importantly, he showed us another perspective to see the world and appreciate more things in life.


So next time you think you are having a bad day, think about how many people would love to have your bad days and figure out how to make the best of it. Nothing last forever not even bad days!


Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving Day!

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